The Future Is Here

Welcome to the New Paradigm Network! We are a collaboration of individuals, organizations, and free-thinkers dedicated towards realizing the future today.

In our network, we recognize that a New Paradigm of PEACE is coming to exist in our world and we are working towards nurturing and holding the vision for a new world to come. We know that a world of true peace and unity starts and ultimately comes from within our hearts which are filled with hope for a better world. We also know that we can not bring about a shift to our home here on Earth alone. We need your help!

Working with others - individuals, organizations, and groups - the network's goal is to raise awareness about the New Paradigm, explore how it can come to be, and put into action those ideas, thoughts, and plans that can impact humanity for a brighter future.

Economic Responsibility. If we truly want to live in a sustainable world where everyone is provided for we must become fiscally responsible. This means not spending what we don't have and giving what we can to help others. Naturally, the human impulse is to want more. We want to move beyond this by wanting more and actually making it for everyone and not just ourselves.

Living green. We have one planet - one home. Let's make sure she is taken care of by living a prosperous and green life! Recycling so as not to waste precious resources, working towards renewable energy sources like solar and wind power, and simple things like turning off the lights have a profound impact on the environment.

Acceptance of EVERYONE. Hatred breeds ignorance and chaos. We need to break through the cycle of judgment spread throughout the world. Our creed of acceptance is extended to everyone regardless of race, religion, class, sexual orientation, or origin. Whether you're rich or poor, black or white, gay or straight, we unconditionally love you for being the person you are and for being a part of our family here on Earth, whether you're aware of that or not.

Helping others. Every great tradition has stories about helping the less See Golden Pyramid of Peacefortunate. We believe these shouldn't just be stories but everyday occurences. All around the world we see non-profit organizations doing their best with the support of generous donors to help improve the quality of life for people. In fact, if each person on earth gave only $10 to support our fellow brothers and sisters in the world we would have almost $70 BILLION dollars if not more. We believe we should all be generous in assisting others. (see Golden Pyramid of Peace)

We are unique in that, through our partnership with fellow organizations and people, we offer real instruction that helps us to examine the soul, push through issues, and become new, wholly transformed beings living a joyous and free life. This inner transformation is paramount to bringing peace and unity in the New Paradigm - we believe that "we must be the change we want to see in the world."